Friday, November 13, 2009

How Much Is a Trillion?

The bumper sticker on my car reads "I'm an English major, you do the math." That is my life story. Contrary to what I was told in high school, the only time I ever needed to know what X was equal to or the number of degrees in a triangle was when I was in college getting my English and Public Relations degrees. I can pay my tithes, count change and balance my checkbook. That is all the math I ever needed to survive. Until now.

With Barack Hussein Obama's health care plan, I need to understand math much better than I do now. His numbers are unknown to me. His numbers are much to complicated for this simple gal.

One hundred dollars will buy me a new tire. Well, maybe one new tire.

One thousand dollars would be an excellent Christmas for our daughter.

Five thousand dollars would buy us a good new-to-us (AKA used) car.

Twenty thousand dollars would buy us an okay new car.

Fifty thousand dollars might be a down payment for a house.

One hundred thousand dollars might buy us a small house in a small town.

Three hundred thousand dollars would be a nice house in a nice area of town.

A million dollars is the budget for an extremely cheap movie.

Ten million dollars might buy us a small house in Beverly Hills.

Fifty million dollars might make a decent movie with actors we've heard of.

How much is a trillion dollars? Is it one hundred thousand million? Or is it one million million dollars?

Please excuse my lack of knowledge on how much a trillion dollars is equal to. Once you say "a million dollars," my head starts swimming amidst all the zeros. I can't begin comprehend how much a trillion could be. Yet...

BamBam wants us to pay several trillion dollars for his health care idea. He's already given away trillions of dollars to bail out big business. By the way, as a taxpayer I'm part owner in GM and I haven't gotten my company car yet. Has anyone else gotten their company car? Anyway...

How much is this several trillion dollar plan of his going to cost me? If I made $100,000 a year and gave every penny of it to pay for this plan of his, how many years until it's paid off. If everyone in my town of 50,000 people made that same amount, how many years until the trillions of dollars he wants to spend is paid off? Sorry, but I have to keep the numbers simple.

I think it would be a long time. Of course, on top of BamBam's brain child, we still have to pay to keep the roads paved, schools open and all sorts of other things. We won't have to worry about keeping our country safe from the jihadists that seek to destroy us because BamBam wants to cut our military and national security budgets.

That's a lot of money for something we already have. Yes, we have health care. Folks have it through their employers. Others have it because they pay for it privately. Others have it because other Americans pay for their medicare and medicaid. Of course, there are some who don't have any health insurance. Then again, some folks drive fancy and expense cars while others drive old cars and other walk or take the bus. That is the way it is. Just because we were created equal that doesn't mean we all live equally. And, that is fine with me.

Back to my original question - How much is a trillion dollars? I think I know. It is too much. It is much too much for us to pay for a health care plan that won't work; a plan that take us one step closer to socialism. Socialism, which by the way, has yet to work anywhere it has been tried.