Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prepare For Gridlock

After last night's election, it will be difficult for the liberals who have invaded and taken over our government to spin this their direction. They will try, but without name calling or election tampering it will be hard. America has spoken and Barrack Hussein Obama and his blind sheep followers do not like what they heard.

Because BamBam and his legions are not pleased with America's decision, they will be working around the clock to make the Republicans and the Tea Party look as bad as possible. They are going to dig in deep and fight to stop all the good the Conservatives are going to be trying to accomplish.

What does this mean for America? It means that very little, if anything, will be done in the next two years. We will hear speeches, rants and teleprompter announcements of how the Conservatives are not doing anything and how they are hindering and stopping progress.

We need to start preparing now. We, too, must dig in deep and stop all the bad the liberals are going to be trying to accomplish. We must hold firm and not waver from our convictions. Compromise is fine, but we can not give in to their socialist agenda.

Last night was great news - as long as we look at our long-term goals. Those goals should be to stop the spread of socialism in our country and smaller government with less involvement in our lives. Stopping BamBam and the rest of the liberals is going to be a long process.

Our work isn't finished. It has barely even started. We must understand that controlling the House of Representatives isn't a free to pass to stop the liberals. We have to wait a bit longer and show patience. It took liberals a while to lower our country to the substandard level it is at now and it will take take to time to for our country to, once again, be that "shining city on a hill."

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The New Orleans Tea Party

The American Revolutionary War ended in 1783. Only 29 years later, we were in another war with Great Britain. The reasons for the new war, The War of 1812, were many, but it boiled down to the fact that the British didn't accept the United States as a country. They didn't respect the fact that American fought and died for freedom, defeating the British.

What could have happened in 29 years to make Americans so willing to take up arms again and defend their freedom, once again? Did that little taste of freedom, of being Americans, give our country the will to defeat the British again? Could they have enjoyed those 29 years of freedom so much they would do anything not to be under England's control?

Think of Andrew Jackson, Ol' Hickory himself, going to New Orleans to beat back the enemy. He didn't take a large army. In fact, those who fought in the Battle of New Orleans were quite a motley crew. On his "trip down the mighty Mississip," Jackson enlisted the help of many to fight the British. Ol' Hickory stood up against the invading forces with regular army and militia. Kentucky frontiersmen and French-speaking Creole stood with him. Indians, slaves and even women took up arms to fight back the British.

While researching my family tree, I came across a letter written by an unknown woman who lived in New Orleans in 1814. She was writing her sister, fearing this could be the last letter she would ever write. She wrote about how Andrew Jackson and his men came and recruited her husband, sons and slaves to fight the British. So moved by the possibility of England regaining control, she fastened a kitchen knife on the end of a broomstick (seeing the men had taken all the "real" weapons) to defend her country.

I can see her, sitting on her front porch, with her homemade weapon, willing to die for the past 29 years of freedom. I can see the men that were hiding in the swamps and the bogs, waiting to force the British back into the Gulf of Mexico.

That is a Tea Party! After only 29 years of freedom, Americans weren't willing to give up that freedom. Men and women from all walks of life came together, fought and died so their children and grandchildren could experience the freedom they had for 29 short years.

Here it is - 2010 - 227 years from the end of the Revolutionary War and what are Americans up to? Some are handing their freedom to a socialist, left-wing government ran by Barrack Obama and his blind sheep. Then, there are the others. Those who have enjoyed 227 years of freedom and do not want to be forced to buy lousy health care, give up their freedom of religion and of speech and their right to bear arms.

Unlike many Conservatives, I'm not familiar with the current Tea Party. I do know a little bit about, what I call "The New Orleans Tea Party of 1814." That is a tea party I can get behind and support. I love the freedoms that I have and, like the New Orleans woman, I'll put my kitchen knife on my broomstick and defend our country and all it offers me and my family. I prefer my little blog that shares my thoughts, ideas and questions about the present condition of our country, but I will do what is necessary to make sure my daughter enjoys the same freedom I have had my entire life. Like the residents of New Orleans, I'm not willing to give it away.

That makes me wonder about those who support Obama and his blind sheep. Twenty-nine years was long enough all those years ago to defend their freedom, yet 227 years isn't enough for some of us today. I see how they are hypnotized, enthralled and moved by Obama's well-constructed speeches and promises. I see them follow him simply because "he's the president" and must know what he is doing. They like the idea of free stuff and change.

I don't understand it. I enjoy the satisfaction of working for what I have. I like being able to speak and write my mind. I like having a permit to carry a concealed weapon and enjoy taking my gun with me wherever I go. I love going to the church of my choice and worshiping my God as I see fit.

Twenty-nine years isn't a long time. It was long enough for Americans to know they preferred freedom to being under England's boot. My lifetime is long enough for me to know I don't want to be under Obama's boot and I don't want to bankrupt my daughter's future for his empty, useless and frivolous promises.

How long will the rest of America need to be free for them to stop this madness? Better yet, how long will it take for them to start fighting for the freedom they handed to Obama?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Defending Christmas

As I go about my Christmas shopping, buying gifts, wrapping paper, decorations and the like, I am saddened by the amount of people who do not return the "Merry Christmas" I happily send their way. I have been met with "Happy Holidays" and "Seasons Greetings" from folks with down-turned eyes. I had a few manage a "You, too" as they glance nervously around to see if anyone heard them.

I'm all for celebrating. I want everyone to have a happy, merry, enjoyable "whatever holiday" they celebrate. Although not Jewish or of African descent, when someone says "Happy Hanukkah" or "Happy Kwanzaa," I eagerly repeat it back to them. I sincerely want them to enjoy the holiday they hold dear. Why not? I don't have to celebrate it in order to want them to have a great time. I want to show folks respect by repeating back the holiday they celebrate.

I understand the belief that Christians adopted a pagan holiday and used it to celebrate the birth of Christ. I don't have a problem with that. The Christmas tree and presents underneath it have little to do with the birth of my Savior. Our family uses this to teach the Christian belief "it's better to give than receive." We use these pagan rituals and traditions to show each other how much we love each other. And, if I hear "It isn't really Jesus' birthday" or "How do you know He was born on December 25th?" one more time, I think I'll scream...

A friend adopted a little girl from Romania. She had lived in an orphanage for years. The records of this little girl had been lost, if they ever existed. My friend asked when the child's birthday was and no one was able to answer her. According to the logic of those who tell me that Jesus wasn't actually born on Christmas day, I suppose this little girl doesn't deserve a birthday celebration. After all, the exact date the girl was born is unknown.

My friend uses the date her daughter first step foot on American soil as her birthday. She also celebrates "Adoption Day," the day the little girl legally became her daughter. I love those ideas. I'm all for a good celebration! My friend's creativity regarding celebrating the life of her daughter also comes to mind at Christmas time. I am forced to answer questions I get from others as well as myself.

Does it really matter if the exact date of some one's birth is celebrated? I don't think so. Personally, I don't care what month or date my life is celebrated by those who love me. I feel honored they set aside a day to think of me and let me know I am loved by them. Because my daughter, Siobhann, was born close to Christmas, we have a "Half Birthday" for her in the summer so family and friends can celebrate because many are unavailable due to Christmas.

Does it really matter that a date is "used" for more than one purpose? I hope not. My husband would not get to celebrate his birthday every year because it falls on Mother's Day often. Another friend would never have a birthday - she was born on July 4th. I have another friend who would only get to celebrate every four years; he was was born on February 29th. His birth certificate reads March 1st, but his Momma knows the truth.

Should we celebrate all these things daily? Of course. The exact date doesn't have to be used for us to acknowledge important events. It is nice to have one specific date when family and friends can gather to celebrate, but the true meaning of those dates should live in our hearts on a daily basis.


Celebrate! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Kwanzaa! Happy Festivus, if you celebrate the holiday made famous by Mr. Costanza of "Seinfeld" fame. If you don't celebrate any holidays...With all due respect...Have a great day anyway! It won't hurt you any.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Man-Made Disasters

Barrack Hussein Obama finally said something that didn't sound like the adults in the Peanuts television shows - you know, "Waaa wa waaa waa." In fact, it even made sense to me. I can follow his logic. I am amazed that, after almost a year in office, he finally said something that was intelligent.

What were these words of wisdom? Barrack Hussein Obama said that the attack of 9/11 was not an act of war, but a man-made disaster. Did he ever nail that! He nailed it so well that I can follow his logic throughout history. There have been many man-made disasters that have been classified incorrectly.

Before you read any further and take this little trip with me through history and "man-made disasters," please understand that if you are only reading my sarcasm and not tasting it, I am not writing this right. Please take the time to make suggestions so my sarcasm can be tasted. Now for our journey through history...

The Plagues in Egypt - Those were man-made disasters. It was all caused by Pharaoh. All he had to do was listen to Moses when he said, "Let my people go." All the frogs, locust and water turning to blood were disasters created by one man who wouldn't listen.

The Black Death - Or "The Plague," whatever you choose to call it. That was so a man-made disaster. Men were bitten by fleas. The fleas were introduced to Europe on rats that made their way to Europe on ships. Those ships were piloted by men - another man-made disaster. If men hadn't been bitten by the fleas or even sailed to Europe the whole mess could have been avoided.

The Holocaust - That was truly a man-made disaster and not an act of war! One man, Adolph Hitler, decided that he wanted to create a master race and proceeded to attempt to annihilate those who didn't fit into his cookie-cutter mold for people. The concentration camps and crematoriums were all built by men. No act of war there. Just one confused man doing what he thought was best for the planet.

Pear Harbor - How could FDR had even considered that to be an act of war? What was he thinking? This Emperor dude decided to bomb an island that wasn't bothering him in anyway. War had nothing to do with it. One man made a choice and created a man-made disaster.

Genocide in Cambodia - We all know that was a man-made disaster. Pol Pot (Saloth Sar or Minh Hai) decided to get rid of 25% of his country's population. That wasn't a war on his own people. It was a choice made by one man - a man-made disaster.

Darfur - This is more of several man-made disasters as opposed to one man-made disaster. There are all these warlords trying to take over one country and none of them get along with each other. Several men are creating disasters there by killing off thousands and thousands of people. Who would consider that a war? Darfur is man-made disasters that occur on a daily basis.

Of course, there is the 9/11 attack. Not meaning to be disrespectful to New York in any way, but that wasn't an act of war against them. It was a man-made disaster against our entire country, our beliefs and our way of life. There is nothing war-like in hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings - buildings containing both civilian and military personnel. All that money was spent on the 9/11 Commission and they got it wrong. It boggles the mind that so many intelligent people might construe the actions taken that day as an act of war.

Barrack Hussein Obama, are you truly that stupid? Can you be that dumb? A man-made disaster?
As my Granny would say, "God Almighty!" If you believe that, how are able to read your teleprompters, tie your shoes or sign your name? Have you been dipping into Nancy Pelosi's Botox again?

I'm no brain surgeon or rocket scientist, but I have enough sense to know that was an act of war! Anyone with "a lick of sense" (quoting Granny again) knows that. I have a few ideas of what man-made disasters are...

ObamaCare - Insuring the entire country when those who already have state-sponsored health insurance aren't being taken care of is a man-made disaster. Not fixing a "small" health plan first, but making it a huge health plan with the same (if not more) problems is a man-made disaster.

9/11 Trial in New York City - That is a man-made disaster. How many billion of dollars is it going to take for security alone? Sorry, I can't count that high. Exposing government secrets and letting our enemies know what we know about them is a man-made disaster.

Socialism - "God Almighty," again. Ask the Soviet Union how well that worked for them. Oops, you can't do that because the Soviet Union DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE due to socialism. Ask anyone on the streets of China or Cuba how well socialism is working for them. Oops, I messed up again. They can't answer that question because they live under SOCIALIST DICTATORS and can be sent to prisons for years - unless they are mercifully shot on the spot for speaking their minds. Socialism is a man-made disaster.

I am so disappointed in myself. It doesn't speak well of me, seeing how often I am awed and amazed by the utter stupidity of Barrack Hussein Obama. Grow a brain, man, or, at least, borrow one from someone. Sorry to keep repeating my Granny, but "God Almighty," that man is dumb.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Policy For Afghanistan

I'm sick of this. I'm tired of playing around. Am I the only person on the planet that knows we are in more danger now than we were when Adolph Hitler was trying to rule the world? He was in located in Europe; he didn't have "Nazi cells" positioned around the globe the way jihadists are positioned today. My Granny had a saying that so applies to the situation we are in today. She always said, "Pee or get off the pot." There ain't anything like Okie common sense. Barrack Hussein Obama rolled out his Afghan policy. He didn't pee and he is still sitting on the pot. It's time for me to let the world know what I would do. I call it (Thank you, Toby Keith!) "The Boot Policy."

Remember Pearl Harbor? Japan bombed us. We went to war with Japan. After some time, Harry S. Truman took care of business. He dropped one bomb and gave Japan a choice. Japan didn't make the right choice, so he dropped another one. They got it right that time. Remember 9/11? Jihadist crashed planes into our buildings, killing thousands? We went to war with the terrorists. Well, it's been some time and no one is taking care of business. Oh, how I'd love to be the one to take care of business. No nukes involved this time, but I would follow Truman's basic idea...

Let's carpet bomb Afghanistan. Surround that country with our bombers. Bomb 100 miles into it's borders. When I say bomb, I mean BOMB! Not just a bomb here and a bomb there. Bomb every inch 100 miles into Afghanistan. Let Afghanistan know that if it doesn't turn over every member of the Taliban and every jihadist as well everyone who has helped them, we'll start bombing again. Just like with Japan, if they make the wrong decision, we bomb again - 100 miles deeper into their country. Hopefully, they figure it out. If not, we keep bombing until Afghanistan is as flat as Kansas and makes New Orleans look like high ground.

I have two speeches already written for after the bombing. I can't decide which is best. "Who is next?" is my first idea and "Bring it on!" is the other option. My mom would probably want me to use her famous quote "You want some of this?"

I can already hear the opposition on this idea of mine. I have answers for that...

"There will be so many casualties."

DUH! This is war. People die during war. Good guys, bad guys, innocent men, women and children die during war. It happens and it can't be changed. People complain about all the American casualties since the two wars started. I guess they don't remember how many Americans died at Normandy and at Midway and during the Battle of the Bulge. We either fight them over there or we fight them over here. I prefer to fight them somewhere other than my front yard. I'm a little funny about a war taking place across my street. And, yes, it will come to that if we don't do something now.

"The U.N. won't like it."

So what if they don't like it? Last time I checked, we were the United States of America and not the United States of the U.N. I remember a time when we made up our own minds as to what we would or would not do. We didn't need permission from anyone else. I think we should be able to do what we want to do when it come to our safety.

"The world will hate us."

Like that is something new. Let them hate us. Maybe they'll stop coming over here illegally and draining our resources. They might even stop luring our jobs overseas. Maybe they'll shut their mouths about us after what they see we will do to those who try to destroy us. Remember when we respected? That was back when we didn't act like weak weanies when it came to our national security. Iran took American hostages and Jimmy Carter played around with them for months and months. Ronald Reagan said what he'd do once he was elected President. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember the hostages being on a plane before he was even sworn in as our Commander and Chief. It could have been while he was taking the oath of office; I was kid when that happened, but I do know they were safe before the sunset that night.

"There will be sanctions against us."

I kinda like that idea. Remember when America grew our own wheat, built our own cars and, brace yourself for this one - drilled our own oil? I'm sure we can remember how that is done. We don't need the lead-ridden toys from China anyway or their poisonous dog food. Japan can keep all their fancy gadgets. Hey, if we start making stuff like that ourselves, we'd create jobs. Unemployment would drop as Americans got back to work. I'm no expert, but I think that would help our economy.

"It'll be expensive."

Yes, it will be. Money well spent, in my opinion. How much has it cost us already? Get it over with in a few days and it isn't even more money spent year after year after year. It's only jet fuel and bombs. We could even start bomb factories - put folks back to work. We could use our own oil to make the jet fuel.

"It isn't a very nice thing to do."

It wasn't very nice to hijack planes and fly them into buildings, killing thousands. It wasn't very nice to bomb the barracks in Beirut or the USS Cole. It isn't very nice to give help to those who did such horrible things. The time for being nice is long over. It's time to take care of business and protect ourselves.

Did you ever just have enough? I'm past that point. I hate to think of more people suffering and dying, but it is either now or later. We can either end it now or let it drag on for a decade or two. How many will die before it ends? If we take care of business now, it will probably save lives. Especially American lives. I'm tired of playing. I'm tired of worrying about when the next attack will be. I'm tired of hearing about female circumcisions and little girls who can't go to school. Pee or get off the pot.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Stupidity Abounds

Seeing that I am fighting for Social Security Disability, I learned my daughter and I automatically qualified for the state medicaid program, SoonerCare. Thinking I could use it as a secondary insurance, I applied. We were quickly accepted.

I've been using my regular insurance until I received a letter stating I had to choose a primary care physician that accepted SoonerCare. My regular doctor doesn't accept it, so my search began. I called the number on the back of my card. The woman who answered the call shocked me. This is a bit of our conversation.

"Due to my health issues, I need an internist," I explained.

"No, honey. An internist hasn't finished medical school. They aren't doctor's yet," she replied.

"I need a doctor who specializes in internal medicine, an internist."

Again, she explained her definition of an internist. She also added, "We don't have specialists as primary care physicians. You must see a family doctor or nurse practitioner. They would refer you to a specialist if they thought it was necessary."

I was taken back by her answer. This meant my four year old daughter couldn't see a pediatrician, unless the family doctor referred her to a specialist.

"My daughter can't see a pediatrician, unless another doctor refers her to one?" I asked, needing clarification.

"A pediatrician isn't a specialist. They are family doctors."

HUH? Pediatricians specialize in treating children. Ask anyone. I tried to explain this to her.

"No. They are family doctors. Just like OB/GYNs are family doctors."

I stifled a giggle. "OB/GYNs specialize in women's reproductive health."

"I work for SoonerCare and I know what doctors are specialists and which aren't. We don't have any specialists. Pediatricians and OB/GYNs are not specialists." She sounded as if she knew what she was talking about. She then gave me the website address, adding "You won't find any internal doctors on it, only family doctors like pediatricians and OB/GYNs." She went on about the hours of training she had been provided about doctors and what they do.

Once I got the member of MENSA off the phone, I went to the website. There I found several pediatricians who were limited to only treating those between the ages of newborn to 14 years old, some went up to the age of 18. I guess Ms. MENSA had never visited the website. I also found several OB/GYNs, many of them worked in offices or clinics with names like "Women's Health Services" and the like. I scrolled down and I even found a few doctors that had "Internal Medicine Specialist" type by their name. Many were nurse practitioners. Not even real doctors; just nurses who took a few extra classes in college.

Barrack Hussein Obama and his blind sheep socialists want to care for the entire nation, providing health care for everyone. Obviously, they can't even can't even take care of those on medicaid. They can't finish what is already on their plate, yet they are going back for seconds.

Folks, I'm scared. My own doctor, an internist, doesn't take medicaid because they pay pennies on the dollar for treatment and won't pay for the necessary tests his patients need. He explained how medicaid wouldn't pay for the types of tests I need such as MRIs, CAT scans, sonograms, EKGs and EEGs. He also said they only paid for blood tests once a year, how they wouldn't pay for my mammogram because I'm a few years short of 45 - despite my family's history of breast cancer. He's worried that he'll know what is wrong with one of patients, but won't have the test results to prove it - opening him up to all sorts of malpractice suits.

I called SoonerCare back. I wanted to know if my doctor was exaggerating. I found out he had left out a lot of information. The list of what medicaid won't pay for is much longer than the list he told me about. One example is that they will only pay for one urine analysis per year. What about those with recurring kidney and bladder infections? So sad, too bad; I guess they will have to suffer.

I also learned from SoonerCare will not pay for my Lyrica, a medication that I can't function without. Valium can only be paid for if prescribed by a psychiatrist. From what the new member of MENSA told me, Lyrica was used to treat fibromyalgia which is not a real medical condition. "Your primary care physician will refer you to a psychiatrist for treatment, seeing you made up that ailment," she explained in a mocking tone.

Did I mention I'm scared? I am terrified! What is it going to be like once Obama gets through with it? He can't possibly improve things without it costing an arm and a leg. Maybe a kidney or liver - SoonerCare doesn't cover organ transplants, either. Maybe other state programs cover such things, but not here.

This ObamaCare must be stopped. Let them fix what we have and then they can move on.

Monday, November 30, 2009

When 140 Characters Is Not Enough

I love Twitter! I'd tweet all day long if I didn't have other responsibilities. I can't get enough of it. I love sharing my thoughts, opinions and ideas with anyone who is willing to listen. And, yes, I love a spirited exchange of thoughts, opinions and ideas. I don't debate. I don't argue. I don't fuss or fight. I simply share information and my take on that information.

The only problem with Twitter is that 140 characters is all its users are given to express themselves. I understand the concept, but it would be nice to be able to share more at one time. Because of this, I am responding here to a few tweets from one of my Twitter friends. He and I had a nice discussion about politics and I would like to better explain my tweets back to him. For the record, I like him and will not speak badly of him. We disagree and that is fine with me.

This is a tweet from him: "Interesting how you choose which pieces of information you'd like to relay." Another tweet was "
[A]gain, taking isolated data and using it for an agenda..." Between those tweets he added the following: "Nice blog...respectable and well spoken."

For the record, we are tweeting about ObamaCare. I don't like it and he, from his tweets, appears to be in favor of it. I'm assuming this is the blog he was tweeting about, seeing I didn't send him links to my other two blogs. I also want to add that it was quite classy of him to speak kindly of my blog even though he disagrees with it. I think (I hope) he understands I'm not bashing all those who don't believe like I do. That has never been my intention and it never will be.

Responding to the first tweet I mentioned - about choosing which info I relay. I share information that I find interesting. I tweet things I believe in. I tweet information that I feel is true and accurate. I'm human, so I may tweet things that aren't. If I am aware I've done that, I correct it as quickly as possible - going as far as deleting the misinformation from my tweet stream. I do poke fun at political figures at times. Right now I am on a kick about Al Gore, the inventor of the internet and big global warming fighter. I found him to be funny from the time Bill Clinton chose him as vice-president and, as time goes by, Gore gets even funny for me. Not the man, of course. Obviously he isn't funny, but what he says and does is quite hilarious to me. Anyway...When I tweet, I refuse to use certain names. You'll see me giving free publicity to that talk show host, soon to be retiring, that got BamBam elected. You know her name, but I'm not mentioning it even though this blog might get picked up by more search engines if I did.

As for the second tweet I mentioned - the one about "isolated data" and "an agenda." Of course I tweet isolated data. I don't know all the stories. I don't know all the people. Brace yourself for this - I don't have all the facts. I tweet what I know. Personally, I don't like statistics and polls. I don't know how accurate they are. They change constantly. I don't know who is coming up with the stats and who is conducting the polls. The only poll I've ever been involved with was a taste test between Pepsi and Coke, conducted by Pepsi, at the Oklahoma State Fair. I chose Coke, but my answer was thrown out because I was holding a cup with Coke printed on it. That cup contained lemonade, but I wasn't allowed to tell them that. That makes me wonder if the polls aren't one-sided - AKA tainted. Sorry, but that experience stuck with me and makes me leery of all polls.

As for my "agenda..." Yes, I have one. I want to express myself. I want others to express themselves. I want to learn from their information. I want them to learn from my information. I think that is an excellent way to find some middle ground - find something that we agree on and start a conversation. Don't get me wrong; I want it my way and I want it my way yesterday - if not last week. We all do. Unfortunately, we don't live in EmmaRileySuttonville, so I don't get it my way. I don't live in LaLa Land either. I know we have to compromise to exist together. Trust me, I'm married; compromising is the only way to make things work.

As you have probably noticed, I haven't mentioned the name of my Twitter friend. I don't think I've said anything negative about him. I value his opinion. I believe (and know) he has the right to have that opinion and express it. I will send him a tweet with the URL to this post. I hope he responds. I'd love to know what he thinks. We could have another non-mud slinging, intelligent and spirited exchange of ideas. I'm not going to change his mind. He isn't going to change my mind. That's fine with me. We can find something that we both believe in, working together like adults who respect each other, and find answers to all the problems we face. Okay, that was a bit "LaLa Land-ish," but we could at least try.

Do you think our elected senators and congress persons could do that? It's a novel idea. Here's another novel idea: Get those folks to agree that water is wet and the sun sets in the west. Then they could move on to bigger things they agree on like War and Peace is a long book. If they did that, they might be able to find ways to lower the unemployment rate, get our country out of debt and give our children safe and educational schools to go to. Maybe I do live in LaLa Land, but wouldn't that be nifty?