Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Prepare For Gridlock

After last night's election, it will be difficult for the liberals who have invaded and taken over our government to spin this their direction. They will try, but without name calling or election tampering it will be hard. America has spoken and Barrack Hussein Obama and his blind sheep followers do not like what they heard.

Because BamBam and his legions are not pleased with America's decision, they will be working around the clock to make the Republicans and the Tea Party look as bad as possible. They are going to dig in deep and fight to stop all the good the Conservatives are going to be trying to accomplish.

What does this mean for America? It means that very little, if anything, will be done in the next two years. We will hear speeches, rants and teleprompter announcements of how the Conservatives are not doing anything and how they are hindering and stopping progress.

We need to start preparing now. We, too, must dig in deep and stop all the bad the liberals are going to be trying to accomplish. We must hold firm and not waver from our convictions. Compromise is fine, but we can not give in to their socialist agenda.

Last night was great news - as long as we look at our long-term goals. Those goals should be to stop the spread of socialism in our country and smaller government with less involvement in our lives. Stopping BamBam and the rest of the liberals is going to be a long process.

Our work isn't finished. It has barely even started. We must understand that controlling the House of Representatives isn't a free to pass to stop the liberals. We have to wait a bit longer and show patience. It took liberals a while to lower our country to the substandard level it is at now and it will take take to time to for our country to, once again, be that "shining city on a hill."