Sunday, November 22, 2009

Call To Arms

I am not a pacifist nor am I a warmonger. Truthfully, I am an isolationist that will fight for my country against any and all threats, both foreign and domestic. I don't back down. I don't give up. As long as there is breath in my body, I will defend my country, our beliefs and our ideals as well as our way of life the best way I can.

Any and all threats, both foreign and domestic. Not only are we fighting a war on terrorism in two different countries at this moment, we also fighting a domestic enemy within our own borders. That enemy is socialism. Each and every American who believes in our Constitution is involved in this war. We must stop the socialists and their tyranny before our country and all we stand for and believe in is gone.

Where are these socialists? In our very government. Who are the socialists? They are those we elected, those who are paid by us, to keep our country safe and free from the tyranny they are trying to impose upon us.

Those politicians must be stopped and they must be stopped now. This includes the one who lives in MY White House, sleeps in the bed I pay for with MY taxes and goes out to dinner with his wife and sends his children to an expensive private school on MY dime.

I titled this post "Call To Arms," but do not misconstrue that as me telling you or even suggesting to you that you actually take up conventional arms against our government. The arms I am imploring you to take up is our very Constitution. It is the strongest weapon we have. Use our freedom of religion to pray for our country. Use our freedom of speech to speak out against our oppressors. Use our freedom of the press to write our blogs and anti-socialism websites; use it to send tweets on Twitter and write letters to our leaders. Use our freedom to peaceful demonstration to tell our senators and congressmen and women we do not like what they are doing to our country and to us.

The Constitution is our greatest weapon. We must use it to stop those who seek to destroy us, our country and our way of life. Freedom isn't free. We must pay these small costs in order to keep from having to make the ultimate sacrifice. If socialism isn't stopped now, we will turn into another Soviet Union, China and Cuba. We must work together to take our country back.

There is no time to waste. We must fight against socialism now. We can not give up. We can not back down. We must stand shoulder to shoulder and fight. We must do all we can to stop socialism. We are being led to the gates of Hell by Barrack Hussein Obama and his blind sheep. They are banging on those gates, begging for all of us to be let in. I, for one, will not go in. I hope you decide to take up arms with me and refuse as well.

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