Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Health Care In America

One of the biggest problems I see with government run health care, insurance or whatever they are calling it today is the fact that the American government has enough on its plate already. Obama (I prefer calling him "BamBam") and the rest of his left-wing, liberal Socialist followers (AKA blind sheep) do not seem to understand that there are too many unsolved problems in this country already.

What about education? The schools are broken and need to be fixed. Public schools are no place for children yet they are still attempting to educate our future. The books are old. There aren't enough teachers. What teachers we have are underpaid. Fix that and then move on to the next problem.

What about our roads? Bridges are falling apart. Highways need to be paved. We aren't even safe driving from place to place. Fix our roads and other infrastructure and then move on to the next problem.

What about our military? Our troops need equipment. They need guns, bullets, protective gear and all sorts of other things civilians can't begin to guess. Protect them and give them the power to protect us from our enemies. Take care of our military and then move on to the next problem.

Oh, yeah, almost forgot. We are fighting two wars. Turn our military loose and let them do what they've been trained to do. Let them fight the Islamic extremists who want to see us destroyed. Let them protect us and Israel.

What about Israel? We need to make sure they have their country back. God isn't going to let anyone take the land He gave them. Despite everything, God has never turned His back on His people. We should follow His example and do the same. We need to make sure Israel exists peacefully. Take care of Israel and move on to the next problem.

What about our financial problems? Let's get our country out of debt. Stop paying the bills of huge businesses that made bad financial decisions and get our country back on track. Stop giving away money that you don't have and start making some of your own. Take care of our national debt and move on to the next problem.

What about unemployment? Maybe if Americans had jobs they could pay for their own health insurance. Novel idea - paying your own way. Stop shipping our jobs overseas and let Americans earn our own way. Take care of unemployment and move on to the next problem.

What about illegal aliens in America? Send them back where they came from. Stop letting them drain our resources. Stop paying to educate their children, feed and clothe them. They are criminals and should be treated as such. Take care of the illegals in America and move on to the next problem.

What about the other problems? The list is longer than my arm. I could keep listing them, but it is obvious already there are other things we need to take care of first. Social security. Abortion. Socialism. Removing God from our country. Fix them and then think about health care.

My daughter is four years old. She knows the rules. She eats what is on her plate and then she can have more - even a dessert. As parents, we know not to heap more than she can eat on her plate. We call it common sense. It isn't so common anymore. Scary thought here...Follow our simple example...

BamBam and your blind sheep, eat what is already on your plate and then go on to health care.

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