Saturday, December 12, 2009

Man-Made Disasters

Barrack Hussein Obama finally said something that didn't sound like the adults in the Peanuts television shows - you know, "Waaa wa waaa waa." In fact, it even made sense to me. I can follow his logic. I am amazed that, after almost a year in office, he finally said something that was intelligent.

What were these words of wisdom? Barrack Hussein Obama said that the attack of 9/11 was not an act of war, but a man-made disaster. Did he ever nail that! He nailed it so well that I can follow his logic throughout history. There have been many man-made disasters that have been classified incorrectly.

Before you read any further and take this little trip with me through history and "man-made disasters," please understand that if you are only reading my sarcasm and not tasting it, I am not writing this right. Please take the time to make suggestions so my sarcasm can be tasted. Now for our journey through history...

The Plagues in Egypt - Those were man-made disasters. It was all caused by Pharaoh. All he had to do was listen to Moses when he said, "Let my people go." All the frogs, locust and water turning to blood were disasters created by one man who wouldn't listen.

The Black Death - Or "The Plague," whatever you choose to call it. That was so a man-made disaster. Men were bitten by fleas. The fleas were introduced to Europe on rats that made their way to Europe on ships. Those ships were piloted by men - another man-made disaster. If men hadn't been bitten by the fleas or even sailed to Europe the whole mess could have been avoided.

The Holocaust - That was truly a man-made disaster and not an act of war! One man, Adolph Hitler, decided that he wanted to create a master race and proceeded to attempt to annihilate those who didn't fit into his cookie-cutter mold for people. The concentration camps and crematoriums were all built by men. No act of war there. Just one confused man doing what he thought was best for the planet.

Pear Harbor - How could FDR had even considered that to be an act of war? What was he thinking? This Emperor dude decided to bomb an island that wasn't bothering him in anyway. War had nothing to do with it. One man made a choice and created a man-made disaster.

Genocide in Cambodia - We all know that was a man-made disaster. Pol Pot (Saloth Sar or Minh Hai) decided to get rid of 25% of his country's population. That wasn't a war on his own people. It was a choice made by one man - a man-made disaster.

Darfur - This is more of several man-made disasters as opposed to one man-made disaster. There are all these warlords trying to take over one country and none of them get along with each other. Several men are creating disasters there by killing off thousands and thousands of people. Who would consider that a war? Darfur is man-made disasters that occur on a daily basis.

Of course, there is the 9/11 attack. Not meaning to be disrespectful to New York in any way, but that wasn't an act of war against them. It was a man-made disaster against our entire country, our beliefs and our way of life. There is nothing war-like in hijacking planes and crashing them into buildings - buildings containing both civilian and military personnel. All that money was spent on the 9/11 Commission and they got it wrong. It boggles the mind that so many intelligent people might construe the actions taken that day as an act of war.

Barrack Hussein Obama, are you truly that stupid? Can you be that dumb? A man-made disaster?
As my Granny would say, "God Almighty!" If you believe that, how are able to read your teleprompters, tie your shoes or sign your name? Have you been dipping into Nancy Pelosi's Botox again?

I'm no brain surgeon or rocket scientist, but I have enough sense to know that was an act of war! Anyone with "a lick of sense" (quoting Granny again) knows that. I have a few ideas of what man-made disasters are...

ObamaCare - Insuring the entire country when those who already have state-sponsored health insurance aren't being taken care of is a man-made disaster. Not fixing a "small" health plan first, but making it a huge health plan with the same (if not more) problems is a man-made disaster.

9/11 Trial in New York City - That is a man-made disaster. How many billion of dollars is it going to take for security alone? Sorry, I can't count that high. Exposing government secrets and letting our enemies know what we know about them is a man-made disaster.

Socialism - "God Almighty," again. Ask the Soviet Union how well that worked for them. Oops, you can't do that because the Soviet Union DOES NOT EXIST ANYMORE due to socialism. Ask anyone on the streets of China or Cuba how well socialism is working for them. Oops, I messed up again. They can't answer that question because they live under SOCIALIST DICTATORS and can be sent to prisons for years - unless they are mercifully shot on the spot for speaking their minds. Socialism is a man-made disaster.

I am so disappointed in myself. It doesn't speak well of me, seeing how often I am awed and amazed by the utter stupidity of Barrack Hussein Obama. Grow a brain, man, or, at least, borrow one from someone. Sorry to keep repeating my Granny, but "God Almighty," that man is dumb.

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  1. Interesting Emma. You really keep up on stuff like that....I feel I have no choice in all that wars stuff, so I don't bother. Great post.