Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Policy For Afghanistan

I'm sick of this. I'm tired of playing around. Am I the only person on the planet that knows we are in more danger now than we were when Adolph Hitler was trying to rule the world? He was in located in Europe; he didn't have "Nazi cells" positioned around the globe the way jihadists are positioned today. My Granny had a saying that so applies to the situation we are in today. She always said, "Pee or get off the pot." There ain't anything like Okie common sense. Barrack Hussein Obama rolled out his Afghan policy. He didn't pee and he is still sitting on the pot. It's time for me to let the world know what I would do. I call it (Thank you, Toby Keith!) "The Boot Policy."

Remember Pearl Harbor? Japan bombed us. We went to war with Japan. After some time, Harry S. Truman took care of business. He dropped one bomb and gave Japan a choice. Japan didn't make the right choice, so he dropped another one. They got it right that time. Remember 9/11? Jihadist crashed planes into our buildings, killing thousands? We went to war with the terrorists. Well, it's been some time and no one is taking care of business. Oh, how I'd love to be the one to take care of business. No nukes involved this time, but I would follow Truman's basic idea...

Let's carpet bomb Afghanistan. Surround that country with our bombers. Bomb 100 miles into it's borders. When I say bomb, I mean BOMB! Not just a bomb here and a bomb there. Bomb every inch 100 miles into Afghanistan. Let Afghanistan know that if it doesn't turn over every member of the Taliban and every jihadist as well everyone who has helped them, we'll start bombing again. Just like with Japan, if they make the wrong decision, we bomb again - 100 miles deeper into their country. Hopefully, they figure it out. If not, we keep bombing until Afghanistan is as flat as Kansas and makes New Orleans look like high ground.

I have two speeches already written for after the bombing. I can't decide which is best. "Who is next?" is my first idea and "Bring it on!" is the other option. My mom would probably want me to use her famous quote "You want some of this?"

I can already hear the opposition on this idea of mine. I have answers for that...

"There will be so many casualties."

DUH! This is war. People die during war. Good guys, bad guys, innocent men, women and children die during war. It happens and it can't be changed. People complain about all the American casualties since the two wars started. I guess they don't remember how many Americans died at Normandy and at Midway and during the Battle of the Bulge. We either fight them over there or we fight them over here. I prefer to fight them somewhere other than my front yard. I'm a little funny about a war taking place across my street. And, yes, it will come to that if we don't do something now.

"The U.N. won't like it."

So what if they don't like it? Last time I checked, we were the United States of America and not the United States of the U.N. I remember a time when we made up our own minds as to what we would or would not do. We didn't need permission from anyone else. I think we should be able to do what we want to do when it come to our safety.

"The world will hate us."

Like that is something new. Let them hate us. Maybe they'll stop coming over here illegally and draining our resources. They might even stop luring our jobs overseas. Maybe they'll shut their mouths about us after what they see we will do to those who try to destroy us. Remember when we respected? That was back when we didn't act like weak weanies when it came to our national security. Iran took American hostages and Jimmy Carter played around with them for months and months. Ronald Reagan said what he'd do once he was elected President. I may be wrong, but I seem to remember the hostages being on a plane before he was even sworn in as our Commander and Chief. It could have been while he was taking the oath of office; I was kid when that happened, but I do know they were safe before the sunset that night.

"There will be sanctions against us."

I kinda like that idea. Remember when America grew our own wheat, built our own cars and, brace yourself for this one - drilled our own oil? I'm sure we can remember how that is done. We don't need the lead-ridden toys from China anyway or their poisonous dog food. Japan can keep all their fancy gadgets. Hey, if we start making stuff like that ourselves, we'd create jobs. Unemployment would drop as Americans got back to work. I'm no expert, but I think that would help our economy.

"It'll be expensive."

Yes, it will be. Money well spent, in my opinion. How much has it cost us already? Get it over with in a few days and it isn't even more money spent year after year after year. It's only jet fuel and bombs. We could even start bomb factories - put folks back to work. We could use our own oil to make the jet fuel.

"It isn't a very nice thing to do."

It wasn't very nice to hijack planes and fly them into buildings, killing thousands. It wasn't very nice to bomb the barracks in Beirut or the USS Cole. It isn't very nice to give help to those who did such horrible things. The time for being nice is long over. It's time to take care of business and protect ourselves.

Did you ever just have enough? I'm past that point. I hate to think of more people suffering and dying, but it is either now or later. We can either end it now or let it drag on for a decade or two. How many will die before it ends? If we take care of business now, it will probably save lives. Especially American lives. I'm tired of playing. I'm tired of worrying about when the next attack will be. I'm tired of hearing about female circumcisions and little girls who can't go to school. Pee or get off the pot.

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